"Car Sharing" is a relatively recent idea and it simply means taking one or more passengers with you in your own car, or joining others in their car. Car sharing can particularly help with the daily commute to work although it can also work well for the school run and shopping trips.

Car Sharing

Car sharing is a sociable way to cut the cost of travel and reduce congestion whilst keeping the flexibility and convenience of a "door-to-door" service. It can work particularly well for people in rural areas without frequent public transport services.

Sometimes it is possible to find a suitable car sharing partner by asking around friends, colleagues, fellow parents and neighbours.

Somerset County Council also provides a free online car sharing matching service call Car Share Somerset. There are over 2000 people signed up to share lifts to and from hundreds of destinations in and around Somerset.

The service is free and makes lift sharing simple. All you need to do is complete a few details about yourself and your journey and the system will look for possible matches.

Please visit: www.carsharesomerset.com

Transport Information

Further information can be found on www.movingsomersetforward.co.uk